Training – Contemporary Dance with Heidi Weiss


Training – Contemporary Dance with Heidi Weiss

weiss-mann technique (a modern/contemporary fusion)

Sunday, 4.3. I 10h15 – 11h45 I Studio 3

Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss teach the weiss-mann technique, which they developed through their years of artistic collaboration. Its roots lie in modern dance, but its expression breaks past molds, becoming a fusion that is structured, yet highly physical and dynamic. With influences from Yoga, Alexander Technique and Release, the class explores a balance between one’s technical skills and the capacity to flow and move through space freely. Dancers are continually encouraged to experience their energy, and then to consciously direct it into space. Particular movement themes such as rhythm and musicality, quick directional and level changes, following initiation points (the fingertips, toes, hip, sternum, etc.), or floorwork are explored. Dancers are challenged to take risks, to expand their boundaries, to build stamina and to cover more space. Soulful music motivates, inspires and supports the entire class.

Heidi Weiss is a teacher at Tanz Akademie balance 1 and at KARI Dance in Kempten. She was a Professor at Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden from 2004-07. She also teaches training for professional dancers and companies such as Sasha Waltz and DV8. She has been a guest artist in residence in the USA, Prague, London, Salzburg and New Delhi. She choreographed and performed with Group Motion from 1992-96. In 1997 she moved to Germany and founded Zen in theBasement Co with Jennifer Mann with whom she also developed the weiss-mann technique*.

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