State Ballet School

Foto: Konrad Hirsch
ByJudith Brückmann

State Ballet School

The State Ballet School of Berlin is one the leading professional dance training institutions in the world.  Students and teachers from all over Germany as well as from over 25 different countries meet here  with the aim of further perfecting the universal language of dance together, and in doing so gain artistic mastery, technical virtuosity, creativity as dancers and maturity as performers. The young students are able, due to a pedagogical concept which is successfully realised through alternating practical artistic subjects and general education subjects, to obtain both‘A’ Level qualifications as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree. The Bachelors degree “Stage Dance” which is offered in cooperation with the University of Performing Arts “Ernst Buch” Berlin is unique in Germany in it’s level of success: over 90 per cent of our graduates get work as dancers directly after graduation. The Berlin Youth Ballet has been at the State Ballet School of Berlin since March 2017. It acts as a youth ambassador for Berlin both nationally and internationally. > MORE

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