Sophie Brunner

Sophie Brunner, Foto: Ruth Walz
Foto: Ruth Walz

Sophie Brunner

Sophie Camille Brunner lives and works as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Berlin and Basel. In 2016 she graduated with a bachelors degree in Dance, Context and Choreography from HZT Berlin. For the last few years, she has been working with TanzZeit Berlin and, together with Christina Wüstenhagen as Dup Duo AdHoc, making dance and culture projects in cooperation with schools, theatres and museums. Sophie works as a a dancer and choreographic assistant in community-dance projects under the artistic direction of Jo Parkes (Mobile Dance). In her own choreographic and performative projects she tries to break down the aesthetic boundaries between dance and film. Sophie uses the documentation and archiving of personal stories in bodies and in moving images as an opportunity for artistic expression.

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