Invisible Center of Contemporary Dance, Tehran

Foto: Mohamad Abbasi
ByJudith Brückmann

Invisible Center of Contemporary Dance, Tehran

The Invisible Centre of Contemporary Dance was launched by Mohamad Abbasi in 2010 in Iran. It has been formed to centralize activities such as workshops, Jam sessions, research, screening dance films and underground dance festival (UNTIMELY). The main aim of this center is to introduce the term contemporary dance in Iran and to open up some possibilities for people who are interested in it. More than 700 hundred young people got involved in these activities. Most participants have theatrical background and a desire to further explore movement. The ICCD is representing a new form of art, a form of art that has been supressed for years in Iran and to some extend has disappeared from the Iranian art field and had no chance to develop itself. Dance in Iran especially in its newer definition has a lot of potential to grow and unfortunately it has been years that this form of art had to sensor itself and to stay in the level of representation of form and aesthetic in very limited way. UNTIMELY dance festival provides a space to break these walls and show gives place to newer form of performances to be seen and analysed.

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