Diana Shepherd


Diana Shepherd

Diana Shepherd is a movement artist from Illinois, USA. She studied and received her BFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. There, Diana worked with choreographers Kirstie Simson, Tere O’Conner and performed her senior thesis entitled “Selfs”. Diana has participated twice in the International University Global Theater Experience’s Art Oasis program in Italy and in Austria, where she was an assistant to the program. Diana has been a dance teacher for 8 years and has recently started her own children’s dance classes in Berlin at the K77 Studio. For her Berlin premiere, Diana performed the self-choreographed solo “Bodies (2nd Part)” in the ada Studio performance showcase 10 Times 6. Diana is currently living and working in Berlin, pursuing her choreographic ideas on international bodies and how they interact with the society that exists, and restricts, around them.
During the Biennale 2018, she is Kirstie Simson’s “assisting participant”.

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