Chrysa Parkinson

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Chrysa Parkinson

Chrysa Parkinson is the Director of the New Performative Practices MFA program at DOCH/Uniarts in Stockholm, and a Professor of Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts. Her artistic research is focused on the performer’s experiential authorship. She lived in New York for many years and performed with Tere O’Connor Dance, Irene Hultman, Mia Lawrence, Jennifer Monson and Mark Dendy, among others. She began traveling to Belgium in 2000 to work on improvisational performance with Zoo/Thomas Hauert and David Zambrano. She has taught in the US, Europe and Australia, and yearly at P.A.R.T.S. since 1998. She is the recipient of a Bessie Award for Performance. Chrysa’s writing and films have been published and distributed internationally.  In 2015 she created The Dancer as Agent Collection, available at

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