Workshop for BA-Students – “Dance is not enough” with Christoph Winkler & Robert Ssempijja

Foto: Company Christoph Winkler

Workshop for BA-Students – “Dance is not enough” with Christoph Winkler & Robert Ssempijja

Wednesday 28.2. – Sunday, 4.3. (except Friday 2.3.) I 13h30-17h30 I Uferstudios, Studio 11

In this workshop we will research the possibilities of taking a political stance in contemporary choreographies. Following on from Christoph Winkler’s 2013 production of ‘Dance is not enough’, we will now look at dance as protest, such as with Radical Cheerleading which has been included in various demonstrations. Radical Cheerleading uses the conventional form of sports cheerleading and combines it with political statements and slogans. The students will learn selected phrases from the choreography and combine them with their own content. Furthermore, we will question to what extent the relationship between dancer and choreographer is already a political one, and which effects does this have on the creation of movement material.

In the second part of the workshop we will take a look at what the West’s definition of contemporary dance and contemporary art perceives as periphery: the Ugandan choreographer Ssempijja will give us a practical insight into the contemporary trends of East African dance. C. Winkler and R. Ssempijja will develop material in a collaborative process with the students which will incorporate the experiences, dance styles and biographical backgrounds of the participants.

Bring you pointe/tap/hip hop/etc. gear!

Excerpt from “Dance is not enough”:

Christoph Winkler has been freelancing in Berlin since 1998. His choreographies cover a broad spectrum of formats and range from the personal to the political in theme. Winkler was born in Torgau in the former GDR. He initially trained in weight-lifting, Judo, fight sports and breakdance before studying dance at the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin and later choreography at the Hoschschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch”.

Robert Ssempijja is a diverse emerging Ugandan contemporary dance artist and dance researcher who is having a career both through formal and informal dance setting experiences, He has been working on three different continents and with over fifty different companies, projects and choreographers. In his art, he uses a combination of Ugandan traditional dance, breakdance and techniques of contemporary dance to get those interesting creations of art. He is trained in techniques from Burkina Faso and has recently completed his diploma in dance at Ecolé des Sables in Senegal. He is also the founder of Dance Revolution East Africa.

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