Camille Chapon

Foto: Camille Chapon
ByJudith Brückmann

Camille Chapon

Camille Chapon also known as Jofe D’mahl, is an 26 year old artist based in Berlin.  In 2014 he graduated with a Master degree at the Art School of Grenoble (ESAD-GV). In 2017 he completed the “bachelor dance, context, choreography” at the HZT Berlin. Passionate collector of choreographic objects, gestures and events, he ends up with suitcases full of potential activations for performances, dances, exhibitions, classes, improvisations and choreographies. Among other things, he collaborates with the dancers and choreographers Emma Tricard, Lina Gomez and Julek Kreutzer. He is teaching dance and improvisation in workshops for children and adults.

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