Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC)

Foto: CCDC
ByJudith Brückmann

Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC)

The Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC) is an independent space for Contemporary Dance situated in the heart of Egypt’s capital. The center hosts the first full-time Contemporary Dance school in all of Africa and the Arab world and in addition to this 3-year, full-time professional training program, CCDC also offers artistic residencies, open classes , and workshops in various dance and movement disciplines. CCDC also organizes and participates in public performances and festivals regionally and internationally.
CCDC was founded in 2012 by Egyptian choreographer, dancer, and teacher Karima Mansour . Both the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (under the umbrella of MAAT for Contemporary Art) and Karima Mansour herself are recognized members of the UNESCO International Dance Council. > MORE

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